Know About Effective Leadership from Inspirational Speakers
Nkandu is a dynamic inspirational leadership speaker in Perth who has hosted one of the world’s largest conference on happiness and its causes and shared the stage with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dr John Demartini, Ruby Wax, Bob Brown and many thought leaders. All her speeches are inspired from her life experiences and strongly encourage the audience to embrace the spirit of Ubuntu, an African philosophy that describes the oneness of humanity. This philosophy was practiced by Nelson Mandela, Ubuntu — “I am because we are.”

It’s not without reasons that Nkandu is reckoned as one of the most decorated Inspirational Speakers in Perth. Ask anyone who has attended her sessions and they will tell you that she has the unrivaled knack of stirring listeners to action. We all have personal experiences to drive motivation from but not all of us are blessed with the power of words.

Shaping new visions and inspiring the doer in you
Talk about braving the most daunting challenges that life throws at us- at times – we just need a little bit of inspiration to move ourselves to action. Thanks to her unmatched rhetoric skills and brilliant knack of seeing past and present challenges as major milestones in learning, she has been able to hit just the right chord with people – people who get together to listen to her to become motivated and stay so for a long time to come.

Your quest for credentialed Leadership Speakers also ends with Nkandu.Talk about putting your entrepreneurial challenges in the right perspective or about getting some serious inspiration to get started— you can always keep yourself updated about Nkandu’s events in Perth. Leadership speakers are primarily invited to corporate events by managers who want to inclucate the virtues of able leaders in their employees. All managers are not good speakers. Most of them are not adept at multitasking – i.e. juggling between their (strictly) managerial responsibilities at office and honing their public-speaking attributes. The companies as such quite inevitably end up with unmotivated staff members. Business growth remains a distant reality with a largely dissatisfied workforce.

Credentials and more explored
From tea parties (with a purpose) to G200 Youth Conference to Entrepreneurship Success Conference – Nkandu has the wide experience of speaking at diverse events backed by diverse schema and attended by diverse audiences. When it comes to speaking about Leadership in Perth there is hardly any other name which surfaces except this award winning speaker. What’s the job of an inspirational speaker – to inspire you! And, how exactly can you be and stay inspired? Not only by listening to others’ success stories but by actually realising that the perceived limitations of yours were nothing but self-created fears to transcend your comfort zone.

This is where great speeches inspire you. You are not only spurred into action for immediate self-improvement but to help others – may be not with the help of speeches but by your actions as well! So, come – be a part of ecstasy and eventual action. Get Nkandu on board to become and stay inspired on different levels. Don’t let initial failures bog you down.

We offer a 45-Minute Keynote speech covering the following topics; Effective Leadership, Team Building Challenge, How to be inspired from within and How to fall in love with your life and work.