The Grief Mind Map Process

One of the many things I learned from Tony was always finding a way of learning how to do things. We often talked about learning how to learn.

During the last few days, a lot of things went through my mind. The
things I should have said, things I should have done, the books we should have been working on and all the people that need to learn from the brilliant Tony Buzan. My mind could not stop thinking about the massive loss the world has just had. Millions of people have been impacted and I felt sad for myself and for humanity.

As I sat at the kitchen table struck with grief and guilt. Then Erik
said to me, “Mind Map him”. I looked at him and I said what? He said, “Mind Map your grief”.

I have used the Mind Map technique for many things, my business plans, my mining projects, marketing campaigns, speaking engagements, the television shows and many other things.

I had never used Mind Mapping as a grief processing tool but I could see that this was going to work. I could see the picture clearly and what I needed to do. It is a new way of processing information and what was going on in my mind.

Even though the world keeps on going, Tony will never be forgotten, the more I put colors and words on my Mind Map, the more I realized that his work will continue for many years to come.

The most important thing is how we continue and build on the foundation he has created. Every branch on the map lead me to a new realization. In everything we do, we must teach, for we are teachers. We are the lucky ones who had the gift to learn first-hand from him and for us to serve humanity in an enriched and better way, we must forever continue to learn and to teach others.

Mind Mapping Tony’s death does not mean it has taken the sadness away, it has helped me cope with the loss and to accept that my dear friend is physically gone but his legacy still lives on.

The process has helped me really appreciate him and his work better than before.

I have a sense of gratitude for him, for his life and his work.

During the Mind Mapping Grief Process, I had moments of sadness and moments of gratitude.  I could see that the world is perfectly balanced and that nothing is missing.

Tony had a way of making every person he met feel welcome, unique and loved, but most of all, he was a total embodiment of the African Philosophy of Ubuntu, “I am because we are”. He understood this perfectly well and practiced it in all areas of his life.

This philosophy describes the oneness of humanity. It is the realization that we are all somehow connected.

Tony lived his best life, he did what he came here to do and given more time, he could have touched millions of people more.

But he has left you and me some very sacred and useful tools that can be used to change so many people’s lives.

My question to you is, how will you use the tools you have been given by Tony and how will you combine those tools with your natural talents?

All this for me was realized during the Mind Mapping process.

You may be asking, Nkandu, how does one Mind Map a Grief Process?

First, I started with Mind Mapping Tony Buzan.  Tony in the center of the paper, add linear curves, fill the in and extend them. This process draws out so many aspects and
accomplishments of his professional life but I took the angel of him as a dear friend, teacher and mentor.

Using his teaching on symbols, assimilation, retention, recall,
applications and structures, I was able to get into details.

I asked myself, how can my current work build on the foundation he has created for us?

I mapped out when and where I could add value to those around me, not only in educational settings but in my social and everyday life.

This took me to the delivery methods, engaging with my family and
clients, relationships and preferred outcomes for my life.

Using as many colors as possible and an occasional butterfly, my Mind Map helped me process grief and have a tear of gratitude for a genius friend who used his head brilliantly.

He was right when he said, “just like the unlimited use of paper clips,
you can use Mind Maps on anything”.