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Nkandu Beltz
Nkandu Beltz is the Founder and Managing Director of Beltz Mining Limited, as well as an accomplished Author, Philanthropist, Inspirational Speaker, and Social Changemaker based in Perth. With over 15 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector, Nkandu is deeply passionate about youth development and making a positive impact on people’s lives.

As a Young Leaders Commissioner with the G200 Association in Switzerland, Nkandu advocates for the representation of independent views and opinions of the new generation of young leaders.

Her journey began as a girl-child advocate in Zambia, championing girl-child rights and later expanding her impact through various roles in journalism, peer counseling on HIV/AIDS, and executive positions with prominent organizations. Nkandu’s commitment to social change led her to establish initiatives such as ‘Nkandu’s Cultural Night’ and the ‘Kununurra Youth Development Program’.

Her remarkable achievements include being selected as an Australian Youth Representative to the Commonwealth Heads of Governments Meeting and receiving recognition as a Young Social Pioneer by the Foundation for Young Australians. She is dedicated to empowering youth through programs like the Youth Empowerment Program Australia (YEPA) and serving as an ambassador and mentor for STEMSEL youth.

Nkandu’s influence extends globally as an author of three books and engagements with schools and universities as a workshop facilitator. Her innovative projects aim to break social and cultural barriers, enabling young people to unleash their potential and brilliance.

Nkandu’s accolades include the Pinnacle Professional of the Year award by ‘Continental Who’s Who’ and participation in prestigious events like the Australian Futures Project and the Unleashed Youth Summit. She continues to inspire others through her speaking engagements, media contributions, and community-focused endeavors, embodying a spirit of positivity and empowerment in all her endeavors.

Due to her Social Pioneering projects and dedication, Nkandu has won a number of public recognition.
Pinnacle Professional of the Year 2013
Women in Leadership Victoria AMA 2014
African Pioneer of the Year 2015
African Australian of the Year 2016
Young Leaders Commissioner G200 2016
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