Before Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and the excitement is visible. The kids are very eager to find out what presents they will get. I hope and trust that you are ready for this season, food, friends and I hope you’ll get spoiled.

I would like to apologise for not writing sooner. I recently read an article on how the media is forcing girls to be like the models in the magazines and Television shows. I personally do not think that the media should influence how we dress and certainly not how we look and how much we should weigh. That is a personal choice.

No girl in her right mind will look at a picture of a celebrity and say ” I want to look like that”, that is absurd. That is just pure craziness.

We all know that these images are air brushed! Our young people are technology smart, why are they falling for this crap. I think what we should be doing is focusing on being healthy, eat healthy. stop when you are full and do your exercise.

Never compare yourself to anyone. Just love yourself the way you are. You are beautiful and take the time to know yourself, your imperfections and your inner beauty. Look in the mirror and dare to say “hallo gorgeous”! It does not matter if you are a size 6, 12, 18 or 24.

Celebrate yourself. You shouldnt be worried if you are overweight or underweight but if you are fine just go on with your life and enjoy your gorgeousness.

Some time ago, I was picking up kids from school and a lady said to me ” Gosh, you are so skinny and you have three kids!” She went on to say ” What project are you currently working on?” I’m thinking to myself ” Button A or B?” I chose Button B:the not so kind cute bitch answer. I looked at her and smiled. I then said: “Oh thank you very much for noticing, I’m not skinny, I’m slim and I’m working on how to look like me after three kids.”

What I’m trying to say here is celebrate yourself. People have asked me what is my secret to staying slim.
The truth is I don’t have a secret; I eat when hungry, I don’t eat junk food, I don’t like over processed foods, I try to eat straight from the earth if I can and I don’t do fizzy drinks.

I drink wine only on special occasions and this is a habit that has just developed in the last 12 months. PS I only drink Moscato.

I hope you get the chance to look in the mirror and realise how beautiful and significant you are. Never ever compare yourself to anyone as you are a unique creature and should be loved. If you don’t love yourself enough, no one will love you.

Here’s to loving yourself and celebrating your life. Eat when hungry, drink plenty of water and do your exercise.
If you are concerned about your weight call your local doctor or call me for a pep talk.

Merry Christmas
Best Wishes