Country Agricultural Game Changers

Victorian Agricultural Show Dinner

Last night, I had the privilege and honor to speak at the Victorian Agricultural Show Dinner in Donald, rural Vic.
The show was well organized and I was very impressed with the dinner arrangements.

As a guest speaker, it’s always a frightening job, as you have no idea how the audience will respond to your message and jokes.

I love my job; I love the fact that as a speaker, you get to dress up, put on make up and be a girl. I have my dream job; I get to do what I love when I want to. It’s an honor.

I watched in awe as I heard the Young Rural Victorian Ambassadors being interviewed.

These young people, all under the age of 20, had big dreams and they were doing great work in their communities.
They each came to Donald to represent their Agricultural Show Societies and they were competing for one title to represent Victoria.

I was so glad I was not judging these young people because they all had amazing projects they were working on, having huge impacts in their communities. They truly are game changers.

More than 60% of the Commonwealth population is youth and I feel very confident that our young people are on the right track.

They are inspired; they are creating change and going after their dreams.

Young people may not be necessarily involved in politics but they care about the issues the country and the world at large are facing and they are taking on these problems.

Even though I went to this dinner to speak in the hope to inspire my audience, I came back inspired and I’m confident that our young people have a clear focus for their communities.

We need to invest in offering practical support, not only focusing on academia but also youth who want to go straight in the work force.

The evening proceeded with Luke Bourchier playing guitar and singing. Luke is such a talented young man and little did I know he grew up in this little country town. He played so well and I hope one day he can play at one of my functions.

It takes a lot of effort and courage to put up a show of this magnitude; a lot of people work behind the scenes and a lot of volunteers are involved in bringing this vision to life. I also cover this topic in my book. Volunteering opens up so many doors. I see it as a stepping-stone to something great.

The power of sharing your vision; if you want something, you go after it. Sometimes the dream many seem impossible, but chunk it down and ask for help.

When I first came to Horsham, I met so many great people and one of the most remarkable ladies I know in this town is Andrea Cross. She is a game changer and goal getter. She gets things done. Even just having tea with her, you feel her energy. She is a woman on a mission and has great self confidence. If you are able to find such great role models in your community, ask them out for lunch or coffee. You can learn so much by having conversations with people you look up to.

I arrived home from the Dinner just after midnight but my mind was buzzing with ideas and in awe of everyone I met.
Congratulations to the rural junior ambassadors, the event organizers, the sponsors, the volunteers, the M.C., the audience and everyone involved.

Keep up the great work and looking forward to the Horsham Show. If you are keen to test my cooking skills, come join me at the Horsham show (cooking pulse with NkanduBeltz).

With Love and Wisdom