Personal Development and Personal Branding

I had a call from a friend, asking me if he could brand me. My first reaction was “huh” brand me?

I then jumped on google as we all do to find out more about “this personal branding business”. Nothing new really but the massage was simple. It was the same massage my grandpa gave me as a child.

He always emphasised the importance of good character, My grandfather was and still is a wise man. How do you brand a person? We are products? Whatever you do, say or not say will have consequences.

Now let me share with you my personal branding. First it comes to style, this is something that I learnt from my mother Ethel, she has a great sense of fashion, she even hand made my prom dress. She would make clothes for us as children. She would only buy clothes that would bring out our personality. she loved colours with white in them, My beautiful Aunty Bertha would braid our hair and as a child I new I was beautiful even though most of the time my hair was short and even the times that I would wear black pants with black t-shirts and playing in the sand, I knew who I was and that no external factors defined me. I knew that I belonged to a people with culture, tradition and a spirit of Ubuntu. I knew my roots from an early age and why I was given a crocodile as my totem. Now as an adult living in country Victoria I find that those lessons are still very important. My brand name is me. Nkandu is my personal brand. What Nkandu does, says or writes, reflects her character.

I sometimes make mistakes, to be honest quite a few times. I’m not perfect but I love my imperfections and I learn from my mistakes. But the simple truth is that we have to be very careful with what we say, do and write, especially online as your future boss or spouse will have access to these articles and posts! or worse your children.
I have a friend who writes my Bios and has done a website for me and written a few articles which have been beautifully published here in Australia, some African countries and even in the United States.

This year I have been very fortunate to have been involved in a number of personal development courses. I’m now a very spiritual person. I nourish my body, my mind and spirit.

Personal Development for me involves leadership courses, learning to be a better me and surrounding myself with positive people and those I can learn from plus attending up-skilling events.

I also had the chance to interview his Holiness the Dalai Lama in June this year at the Young Minds Conference thanks to team FYA. The topics during the conference were very broad but the focus was on how to grow a good person. You need to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. You need to find ways to grow as a persona, just as your body needs food, so does your mind.

Read books, listen to audio books if you don’t have time to read and listen to uplifting music.

What kind of persona do you want to be in five years time. Are you content with your life as it is? I’m happy but I know that I’m capable of doing so much more, that’s why I write goals and do my best to achieve them. What are your personal goals?.

I was talking to a young man in Africa who I sort of mentor. I said to him, ” I can give you a few motivational books and DVD’s that might inspire you to do something with your life rather than just settling to working in a super market” His response was NO!

Life has so much to offer but you have to put in at least 100% effort and a good attitude. Once you start, the rest will just fall into place.

What sort of legacy do you want to leave?